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 Reflexology and more...

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Elizabeth Baublitz

ARCB Certified Reflexologist

 2016 Graduate of Reflexology from HACC

Additional Studies through ~

The Academy of Ancient Reflexology

 The Footwhisper Reflexology Institute

Please call/text or email to book a session! 

Traditional Reflexology of Hands and/or Feet
Sessions are conducted from a zero gravity chair or massage table and include treatment of the hands and/or feet.

Sessions include a warm towel wrap.

Ideal for pure relaxation,

reset and balance!

$60 for 45 minutes (Hands Only)

$80 for 60 minutes (Feet Only)
$120 for 90 minutes (Extended, Feet Only)
$140 for 1hr and 45 minutes (Hands and Feet Combo)

Discounts applied for multiple sessions in one calendar month, excluding hand reflexology.

Thai Reflexology
Sessions are conducted from a massage table and include treatment of the knees, lower legs and feet. Included are stretching, relaxation techniques, thumb walking, the use of a specifically-tooled wooden stick to stimulate reflex points along with a warm towel wrap.

Great for trying something new and for those with knee concerns!

$80 for 60 minutes

Discounts applied for multiple sessions in one calendar month.


Chronic Foot Pain
Sessions are conducted from a massage table and include treatment of the lower legs and feet, as well as a warm towel wrap or foot bath. These sessions require more active participation from the client in contrast to Traditional Reflexology sessions. They also require a commitment to more frequent sessions over an 8 week period of time and "homework" between sessions.

  For conditions such as plantar fasciitis and neuropathy. 
Pricing can vary and is scaled to consider frequency.

R&R Sessions (Reflexology & Reiki)

Jennifer and Beth team up to offer a Reflexology session

combined with Sound Healing and Reiki.

The ultimate self-care package!

(Only two sessions offered monthly!)

$160 for 60 minutes | First Sunday of the Month

(discounts do not apply)

Also offering...

*Reflexology is not a substitute for medical examination or treatment. It is recommended that you see a physician for any physical ailment that you might have. A reflexologist does not diagnose, prescribe, treat, nor cure any illness, disease, or other physical or mental disorder. Likewise the reflexologist does not prescribe medical treatment or pharmaceuticals, nor do they perform spinal adjustments.*

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