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ReConnection Sessions

On pause till the time is right! 

Wow. Things are weaving fast here at ReWeaving Balance! In less then two months, I have gone from a solo practitioner to sharing space with several other heart-centered, beautiful people. 

I have learned two things throughout this process...

One ~ How to recognise when there is too much on my plate.

Two ~ I still have a lot of reconnecting to do myself. 

As I  pause from offering my ReConnection Sessions while I take time to balance the growing studio, I invite you to take a peek in The Loom and join us for our educational and inspiring classes and workshops.

Hope to see you there!

We started making a habit of 7 hour twilight treks from Los Angeles to Yosemite Valley for

2021 Graduate of The Institute of Intergrated Nutrition

Completion of Spiritual Coaching

 The Center Of Excellence 

As your wellness coach, I am committed to being of service to you by standing by your side offering support and encouragement throughout your transformational process. As we work together to discover your wellness goals, I look  forward to being on your team and am honored by your faith in this process. Unraveling past habits, thought patterns, and reactions can be challenging. It is my desire to be fully present in our time together and use all of the tools, experience and intuition available to me in order to work with you to achieve the balance you seek in this life!

Maintaining a balanced lifestyle requires reflection on and motivation in a number of aspects in our day to day life. We are multifaceted beings made up of mind, body, and soul. And as we all appear to be individuals, we are just as much a part of an expanded web with the rest of the natural world. Over time our culture has shifted away from this reality. I have found that by reconnecting with this grand design we slowly reweave a purpose and inspiration back into our life. Throughout this program we will dive deeper into topics related not only to nutrition and movement, but also to a personal connection to a purpose in life, our relationships with others, as well as matters of the spirit. 

I ask for a three month commitment to be able to allow for a comfortable pace in which to unravel and reweave. It is of most importance that you feel you are ready and committed to this process. The only person who can improve your wellness is YOU! The journey is yours, but you don't have to do it alone. In our sessions and time together you will discover how much you already know and build a deeper trust in that knowing. 

Along my own path of continuous unraveling and reweaving, I have discoved my stengths to include a non-judgemental presence, honesty, intuition, genuine caring and space holding. 

Helping others to ReConnect to their own strengths, truth and beyond is my life's passion


Our time together includes:

Six 80 minute one on one sessions (twice a month)
Three 20 minute virtual/phone check-ins (once a month)
E-mail corespondance and individualised extras, TBD!


2022 Twelve Week Package
$777* (three payments of $259)
or $700* if paid in full by first session
*service fee for credit cards


If you are interested in knowing more, please call or email to chat!


Check-in Sessions

For clients who have completed ReConnection Sessions.

$70 for a 60 minute session

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