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Welcome toThe Loom!

ReWeaving Balance includes our gathering space, The Loom, for creative and inspiring workshops and events. ReWeaving a balanced future will take many hands and many visions coming together! 

Summer 2022 Events are now here!

Space is Limited!

Preregistration for all workshops is requested, if not required, in order for our facilitators to properly prepare and guarantee a comfortable space for everyone

We look forward to weaving with you!


~Mystic Sound Immersion~

with Jennifer Rabenstein

First Sunday of every month
11 am - 12 pm

Come relax, release, and recharge as Jennifer guides you through a mystic sound immersion by playing a variety of crystal singing bowls, rattles, drums, gongs, chimes, and more.

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Creative Art Night_edited.jpg

~Creative Paint Night~

with Jennifer Rabenstein

Third Tuesday of every month
6 pm - 8 pm

A night to relax, have fun, and experiment with your creative side by painting!

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~Deep Sea Light and Sound Immersion~

with Chelsea Caroline

Third Wednesday of every month
6:30 pm - 8 pm 


deep sea.jpeg

This Is An Opportunity To Fully Immerse Yourself In A Sea Of Self Care.  Dive Deep Into A Meditative State Of Peace And Rest.  Set An Intention And Release Emotions Or Thoughts That No Longer Serve Your Greatest Good.  Feel The Vibrations Of The Piano, Singing Bowls, Chelsea’s Voice, Hand Pan, Ocean Drum, Monolina And More.  Allow The Ocean Of Soothing Sounds To Move Out Any Rigid, Stuck Energies And Restore The Harmony Of Flow In Your Body And Mind. 

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~Shamanic Journey for Clarity and Healing~

with Dawn Tule

Last Thursday of every month
6:30 pm - 7:45 pm

Shamans use journeying as a way to connect with Guides and helping Spirits to receive answers and information. In this Journey, you will be guided to meet your power Animal and/or other guides who will take you on a journey in this non-ordinary reality. You will set an intention for Healing, or to receive Clarity and information about an issue in your life. No experience necessary.


~Choosing to Empower Your Own Story~
~An Experience to Transformation and Community for Woman~
with Gigi Jantos,Wisdom Teacher

Sunday, Aug 28 
10:30am - 5pm

Gigi will support and guide you through the magic of this day, including these takeways: ...a proven 3 step process for transforming those "stuck" places... have an empowered experience of the deeper truths of who you are...inspire your creativity...welcome the elements of playfulness and joy...awaken to how life is happening through you rather then to you...feel the nourishing energy of being in community with other women...and these experiences: ...embodied movement...guided meditation...wisdom teachings...ceremony...journaling...a creative self expression piece to take home and use to deepen the experience. 

What part of your life story wants to be seen and known more fully? Are you wanting to grow more of yourself into life? This day will support you in blooming more fully into your wholeness, as we take this empowering journey together, the story to arise from within you is something that wants to be known. Your story will spontaneously arise in response to your invitation and willingness to listen with your open heart. Then the magic flows as the unfolding of your story comes to life and is transformed through guided experiences, practices, creative self-expression and wisdom teachings.

Wisdom Teaching by Gigi Jantos, Energetic Alignment Guide; Reiki Master Teacher; Nature Lover; 22
years working with energy awareness in a variety of ways. Guiding women to self-empowerment and to align with their greatest potential - Heart2Heart Energy Healing using a combination of modalities in 1:1 sessions - Gigi is an empowered messenger who embraces lifes magic and miracles. 


Includes all materials and one day of retreat for your self-nourishing & renewal.

To Register Please Contact Gigi By Phone At 717-979-3467 or By Email At

~Intuitive Dance & Shaking Medicine Experience~

with Chelsea Caroline

Friday, July 29 
6 pm - 9 pm 

$25-$45 (sliding scale)


This Is An Opportunity To Be Guided In Sound, Movement, Intuitive Dance And Embodiment Of Shaking Medicine.  Learn & Connect With Your Body’s Intuition As The Amazing Instrument Of Self Healing That You Are!

click HERE for more details!

Preregistration is prefered. Class is limited to 15 attendees.

~No Meditation (Meditation Course)~ 

with Steve Crossley

July 25 & Aug 8 | 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm 

$20 for Part 1
$35 for Part 1 and Part 2, payable the first night



By now we’ve heard all of the benefits of meditation; stress reduction, mental clarity, inner peace as well as lower blood pressure, enhanced immunity and greater sense of well being. 

Meditation has become a status symbol. Every celebrity, health and fitness or spiritual guru praises meditation. They often have their own meditation app, conveniently. Still, most of us haven’t found the time or, more likely, it is unimaginable that our own busy minds would ever permit such an experience! I get it.

Introducing The No Meditation, Meditation Course!!!

7 easy, learnable, doable exercises that produce all of the benefits without the struggle. In part 1, you will learn simple techniques that you can easily employ in daily life when you're anxious, angry or in pain.

Preregistration is prefered. Class is limited to 10 attendees.  Please email Steve at

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