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A bit about me...

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After years of working with the sole purpose of being able to help support myself and my family, I found myself at a crossroads. The days of early mommyhood, filled with elementary school holiday parties and field trips were coming to an end. Was I content in my current job enough to go full time or was I ready to do something new?

I asked myself, "Beth, if you could do anything at all, what would you do?"

I wondered what really interested me. I knew I enjoyed being of service,

but I was longing to do so in a different way.

I was ready to learn a new trade and absorb new information.

A memory of a book on acupuncture that I had checked out from the library years before popped into my mind. I still remember my husband getting a kick out of me taking notes that night at the kitchen table, asking me when my test was. Next I recalled a book, that I still own, that had captivated me in my late teens.

Subtle Energy | Awakening To The Unseen Forces In Our Lives | by William Collinge. It covered topics such as the human aura, meridians and acupuncture points, the chakras, Earth's geomagnetic field, lunar cycles, relationship energies, Yogic breath, Tai Chi, prayer, collective intention and therapeutic touch.

"That's it!" I thought! My whole body lit up! My thirty-some year old self, now equipped with the world wide web, rabbit holed into the careers in the realm of subtle energy. Acupuncture felt a bit out of reach for my current family life structure, but that was what led me to reflexology.

You know when you just know? 

That feeling that vibrates inside when you are on to something that resonates with your inner knowing. Like a remembering.

It felt perfect!

The schooling fit easily into my schedule and was being offered at our local community college. When I started to share this calling with my friends and family it definitely raised some eyebrows...

"You want to do WHAT?!"

As strange as it sounded, my intuition rang loud and clear and I went for it!

That first reflexology class kicked off what has become a continuous thirst for knowledge that shows no sign of letting up any time soon!

Becoming a reflexologist and learning/witnessing first hand about the intricate connection between our Body, Mind, and Spirit has been, and continues to be so, very fulfilling.

Providing a service that allows others to put the demands of the world on hold and allows them to tend to their own balance, relaxation, and healing is beyond an honor. 

 Now I can say that I work for a "soul" purpose. That purpose being to bring light to the importance of our Energetic Balance. Individually, as well as Collectively. Above and Below, Within and Without.

Balance is a continuous dance. One for which the music is forever changing, along with new steps to be learned.

I personally still have so much to learn.

They say to "give that which you wish to receive".

Creating ReWeaving Balance is my way of giving inspiration and connection for others to participate in their own energetic journey for balance.

For that is what I trust I will receive in return.

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