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The La Luna Room presents...


Private Sessions

Monday - Friday | 10am- 6pm

Vibrational Therapeutics Sound Studio
with Chelsea Caroline

Chelsea Caroline is a Harrisburg native who has returned from her many travels to share the medicine of Vibrational Therapeutics. Through private sessions, classes and workshops, Chelsea is a weaver of healing with sound.

Sound Massage, Sound Acupuncture, "Home Note" Assessments, Brainwave Entrainment, Shaking Medicine, Breath Meditation and more!

CLICK HERE for more information and to book your Individual Session!       




We are all on a journey. A wonderful, beautiful, mysterious meandering of experience and learning.

It is my joy that we may encounter each other here!

I intend in sharing my story, that it may serve to inspire, cultivate and reflext your own divine truths and what it is to be authentically and harmoniously you. 

I also look forward to working with some of you soon!

In Music and Health,


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