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Ayurvedic Marma Therapy and Vibrational Therapeutics
with Chelsea Caroline

Tuesdays ~ Wednesdays ~ Thursdays 


(by appointment only)

For questions and booking please call Chelsea directly at 717-265-3653

Ayurvedic Marma Therapy
Until recently, Marma was a hidden and secret treasure of Ayurveda, the oldest medical science.   Known as the Mother of Ayurveda, Marma is the base of all other healing arts and sciences such as acupuncture, acupressure, thai qi and qi gong.  An Ayurvedic Marmani focuses on the 107 energetic, vital energy (prana) points of the body.  Marma therapy is gentle, direct and supportive care, maximizing the potential of the body to heal itself.  

During your session you will lay down comfortably on the massage table.  Marma therapy involves some gentle massage with a general tridoshic oil and in addition, a special blend of organic herbal Marma oil is placed on each Marma point within the specific protocol used (see below).  There are different protocols for each area of concern or you may choose an overall general pranic healing.  The oil is massaged into the Marma points, then the energetic portion of the session begins.  During this portion of the modality, the practitioner works within and around the"outer space" of the body (termed as the biofield and/or etheric template), where all information for healing is located.
90 mins…………$120    (15 mins discussion for choice of protocol and 75 mins for full Marma session)

Package of 3 after first session
60 mins each…………$300
Package of 4 after first session
60 mins each…………$360

Vibrational Therapeutics...

Prepare for blissful relaxation and rejuvenation.  Sound Massage sends frequency and vibration through the massage table into the body to a deep cellular level.  Healing music with notes of warm bass and soothing treble resonate throughout the entire body, improving circulation, reducing pain & creating peace and overall bliss inside and out.

Sound Acupressure & Massage (with Tuning Forks)

Prepare for blissful relaxation and rejuvenation, accessing deep tissue without the torture!  Feel your muscles melt with the added vibrations of tuning forks.   In addition to a full body massage on the vibrational sound massage table, tuning forks are placed on select “acu”-points on the body, introducing vibration and healing frequencies, enhancing the flow of Qi along the body’s meridians. Similar to acupressure, the vibration travels deeper into the body resulting in increased calm, better sleep and more clarity and focus, bringing relief to symptoms such as anxiety, stress and acute and chronic health challenges.

60 mins………….$110
90 mins………….$140

Sound Detox Massage

The sound detox massage includes the vibrations of the sound massage table, a gentle hands on lymphatic massage with a far infrared crystal mat & castor oil pack treatment, which all serve to stimulate the immune system and assist with clearing and ridding the body of toxins.

60 mins………….$110
90 mins………….$140
Find Your 'Home' Note (Assessment)

Discover the note at which your body is at its most peaceful state!  Relax and experience how your body feels as each note song is played into every cell of your body on the Vibrational Sound Massage Table.  By the end of this guided session, you will find which note song your body loves the most.  As you rest in this music of ‘home'ostasis, your most effective, innate sound healing can begin!
Session includes vibrational sound massage table, guided nervous system assessment and a free mp3 of your note song emailed to you.

60 mins…………  $100

Intuitive Reiki with Sound & Essential Oils
Intuitive Reiki is a focused, guided and meditation of energetic balance and inner awareness, which often brings us more clarity and greater ability to experience inner peace and joy.  Finely crafted, high quality essential oil blends are also used to assist in grounding and balancing the 7 major chakras.  The vibrational sound massage table is optional during the session for added relaxation and rejuvenation.

60 mins…………  $100

Package of 3
60 mins each…………$240
Package of 4
60 mins each…………$280

For specific chronic and/or acute health concerns, injury rehabilitation or maintenance sessions, please contact Chelsea.  She will work with you on cost and schedule to create a package to meet your individual financial needs and lifestyle goals.

About Chelsea...

Chelsea Caroline is a Harrisburg native who has returned from her many travels to share the medicine of Vibrational Therapeutics and Marma Therapy. Through private sessions, classes and workshops, Chelsea is a weaver of healing with sound.

Chelsea is a Certified Marma Therapist, Vibra (Marmani), Vibrational Sound & Somatics Therapist, Shaking Medicine Teacher, Reiki Master and member of The Medical Sound Research Foundation. She specializes in Marma Therapy, Sound Acupressure Massage, Sound Detox Massage, Voice Healing, Sound of Home Assessments and Intuitive Reiki. Chelsea also facilitates workshops and classes about Sound Healing, Shaking Medicine, Ayurvedic Marma Therapy and the Voice.

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