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Fourth Monday of the Month |   9am-8pm

  60 min ~ $80   |   90 min ~ $120 |   120 min ~ $160


Custom Healing Services    

60min ~ $80   |   90min ~ $120

Treatments may include: Face Reflexology, Reiki, Intuitive Energy Healing, Tuning Fork, Essential Oils, Cupping, and Shamanic Healing.

Shamanic Healing Services

90min ~ $120   |   120min ~ $160

Treatments may include: Private Shamanic Journey + counseling, Power Animal retrieval, body drumming, and Intuitive energy balancing and healing.

Facial Reflexology ~ 60min | $80   


Intuitive Energy Healing + Reiki ~ 60min | $80


Oracle Card Reading ~ 30 min. | $40

Please call with any questions prior to scheduling.

Animal Services (For more details on all offerings please visit Mella Luna Healing)

Animal Communication

60 min  |  $150 

Sessions are billed based on the amount of time used in the session.

(Ex. 30 min=$75, 45min.=$112, etc.) Please note that the average 1st time session is 30-60min. You can connect with as many animals as you like in each session. There is a small convenience fee for credit card payments. You're welcome to pay by check to avoid the fee.

Lost Animals Policy


Animals get lost or are separated from home for many different reasons. In my experience, some are not able to find home, or are physically stuck in a location, some are able to come home, but choose to stay away, and some have passed into Spirit. I will do a one time session with the animal gathering all the info that they can share with me about their whereabouts, physical condition, and how they're feeling with the intention of helping the animal be reunited, or bring closure and for both the animal and the people who Love them. 


Custom treatments for dogs include:

Therapeutic Massage, Animal Assisted Energy Healing. Reiki, and Cold Laser Therapy. The massage addresses any physical issues and aspects while the energy techniques can address emotional issues and blocks in the energy field to promote relaxation and balance for all systems. Cold Laser Therapy can assist healing and may help joint issues and provide pain relief.


Each session is approximately 45-60 min. depending on the size of the dog and their needs.

In office ~ $45/50min, $30/30 min. per dog

In Home treatments ~ $50/dog within 10mi., $55/dog 10-15mi.

**Discounts for multiple dogs**

Cold Laser $25, Add to a massage/reiki session for $5 discount!

 **Healing Packages are Available for additional Support!**


Mella Luna Healing                           with Dawn Tule 

Dawn also offers a group Shamanic Journey on the last Friday of each month! Location varies!

Call/text/email Dawn with any questions and/or to book a session.              (717)486-7823         

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About Dawn...

A lifelong Love of animals led me to my jouney as a Professional Animal Communication Counselor, which began in 2010 through the Animal Spirit Network. My passion for learning combined with my passion for animals and their welfare drives me to continue my studies in many modalities including Therapeutic Massage, Reiki and Energy Healing, Masterson Meathod, EFT, Scarlar Wave, and cold laser therapy. 

I am Grateful to be able to offer compassionate, therapeutic services for both Humans and Animals!

"Animals and Nature are always willing to share their gifts of Healing and Understanding with us when we learn to listen deeply with and Open Heart."

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