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R&R Sessions (Reflexology & Reiki)

1st Sunday of the Month | 1 hour | $160

Jennifer and Beth team up to offer a Reflexology session

combined with Sound Healing and Reiki.

The ultimate self-care package!

(Only two sessions offered monthly!)

Sound Healing/Reiki Sessions

1st Tuesday of the Month | 1 hour | $80

Relax to the healing sounds of the crystal singing bowls,

drums, chimes, gong and rattles with a Reiki touch!

Ion Foot Soaks/Reflexology

1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the Month 

Foot Soak with Hand Reflexology | 30 min | $60

add 30 min Foot Reflexology | 1 hour | $90



Spiritual HeArts                           with Jennifer Rabenstein 

Call/text/email Jennifer for questions and to book a session     

      (717) 756-7079

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Jennifer also offers a monthly Mystic Sound Immersion, Creative Paint Night and a variety of Artistic and Energetic workshops through out the year here in The Loom!

About Jennifer...

Jennifer Rabenstein is a spiritual healer who blends in artistic ways of promoting self growth and healing. She offers a variety of healing modalities for private sessions, group gatherings, and sacred celebrations and rituals. Jennifer loves the art of holding space for everyone's you-nique spiritual healing  journey. 


Jennifer utilizes an abundance of practices and experiences she has personally used in her own journey including Reiki Master-Teacher, certified reflexologist, yoga teacher, color art therapy, life purpose/passion coaching, sound healing, crystal healing, animal Reiki/communication, henna art, chakra balancing, Priestess training, Shamanic healing, and more. Recognizing that individuals have unique needs in their journeys, Jennifer has many tools and a variety  of experiences to connect with each being who is meant to work with her. 

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